I haven’t been blogging much, because we’ve been super busy with orders!  Thanks to everyone for their support of the business.  Normally scheduled blogging and more photos to come when things calm down a bit.


More on the shitshow that is the IAR.  I’m not sure if “don’t criticize our sponsors” is mandated by the sponsors, or just something that the head of the IAR is putting in place.  In any case, were I a sponsor, I would be VERY upset if a group moderator made me look like a bully.

… not that I sympathize with a knockoff company, mind you.  I’m just curious to know who exactly is responsible for what seems to be a gross mismanagement of the website.


IAR Freedom of Speech (24/Jul/2011) - LATEX NEWS
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“There is much discussion in the latex fetish scene about the activities of a number of chinese latex manufacturers, who came into the market with force, stealing both latex designs and even the photos from catalogues and magazines for their advertising.

They often use low quality latex material containing unknown chemicals and their workmanship often lacks quality as well. On the other hand, their designs are often sold at prices clearly below those of the original designers.

This topic is one of the most discussed topics among latex enthusiasts these days and so it was of course also being discussed on the IAR Latex Forum.

But no longer, because that forum is sponsored by one of those chinese latex companies and the forum owner now clearly forbids any negative statements about their sponsor, threatening all who violate that rule with being banned from the forum.

In a statement, he argued that a custom made-to-measure latex catsuit should not cost more than $ 100, which is simply impossible to make with good materials and workers, who are paid fairly. He has other bizarre opinions about these topics and it seems like his forum would be the ideal place to discuss them - if only he would allow this discussion, which he does not.

I find it sad, that a forum will sell freedom of speech for money. Might be better to get a different sponsor… P.S.: LatexNews needs sponsors as well, but I have refused several offers by companies, who are ignoring other people’s rights.”

-Commentary by Alexander Horn (via LatexNews)

Seldom do you see a website kowtowing to an advertiser as badly as this… 

The whole article coming soon (I’ll have some time early August).  For now, I’m busy getting ready to teach a workshop at FetishCon and do a set at House of Gord!!


Usually people try to hide their corrupting influences… WTF???


I’ll have more on this for you guys in a bit… we’re busy getting ready for FetishCon and House of Gord.

But as soon as I have some downtime, you know I’m gonna be all over this!!


TEXT IN PHOTO: “NEW IAR “Zero Tolerance” POLICY: Our sponsor pays the bills to keep IAR online. Anyone who bashes the IAR sponsor (or this policy) will be banned.” - Click photo for larger version - Find this notice directly by logging in to the IAR forums.

After some members of the IAR (international association of rubberists) pointed out that they were being sponsored by a company well known for knocking off established latex designer’s work, the IAR responds by BANNING any who question, or discuss, this issue.

I truly hate to see the leaders of a community site, that I formerly respected, sell out so badly.

Taking advertising dollars is fine… unilaterally squashing any discussion, questioning, or disagreement on an issue?  Well, that’s not community.

The IAR can still save face.  They don’t have to dump their sponsorship dollars from - but they will have to allow their members (their community) to freely discuss the merits of that advertiser.

Until that time… I’m disgusted with the obvious corruption caused by monied interests.

Speak out people.  Getting banned from a corrupt site is worth it.

REMINDER TO THE IAR:  Your Mission Statement says… (edited down)

The IAR Mission Statement: … to foster a sense of their positive group identity and to provide a social forum for the sharing of Rubberist-related knowledge, wisdom, information resources and support.

More coming on this issue from a reporter in the field who is right inside the issue.

So awesome it hurts.  The pauldron (shoulder harness) uses the same type of technique as my Ego Assassin body armor.  Which means it’s surprisingly flexible and comfortable, while still looking incredibly bad-ass.

I think their body armor is going to be the next big thing… just sayin’…


A quick shot by me. Agata in our EYEMASK.


Just enjoying the cool night air.

Catsuit and body armor by Ego Assassin


Archean in latex in public on Bloor st. By “honest ed’s” after the last night of Torture garden Toronto.


Blurry shot before heading out to Torture Garden.  Fun night!


Heading out to the party last night at torture garden Toronto.

Super fun night!

The lovely ladies at Casa Kink!

So in love with my Dawnamatrix kimono!


My killer Dawnamatrix Kimono!  Right before Torture Garden Toronto’s Saturday night main event!


My sweet new Ursula Tentacle Gown among the other amazing latex creations going out last night to @torture_garden.


Beautiful ladies! Heading out to the party.

My EPIC steampunk kimono by Dawnamatrix.  More images to come!


Archean’s steam punk kimono - by


Fun little photoshoot this afternoon.  Love that Collective Chaos dress!


Archean doing a photoshoot in her new Animal Instinct Zebra Collar Dress from Collective Chaos

Pro photos will follow on the Miss Rubber World Blog


Me again ;)

Mosh, Dastardly Dave and Dawnamatrix?! What’s not to love here.

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